Marcello Muscolino



Marcello Giacomo Muscolino was born in Milan on April 2, 1979.

He attended High School in Milan and Palermo. When graduated from High School in Palermo, he studied at European Institute of Design and Asefi. In addition,

he specialized in graphic arts at Temporary Institute in Milan.

Muscolino originally dedicated himself to video arts producing several filmlets and documentaries.

In 2001, his documentary “Black Milk” which illustrates the G8 in Genova was displayed at the Cinematheque Bloom in Milan.

In 2002, Muscolino moved to Rome where he worked at Cinecitta’ dreaming of a future career as a famous director. In fact, he became part of various movie

productions at both fictions and advertisements, and further dedicated himself to creating video arts.

Frustrated of the Roman commercialization of the movie world, Muscolino breaks out of the artistic restrictions he experienced in Rome. He shoots the

documentaries “Lamenti” and “Mirror” which were exhibited at the prestigious theater Vascello in Rome.

At the same time Muscolino developed a profound interest in the analogue photographic technique and took a lot of black and white photographs.

In 2005, he exposed those pictures at the theater Vascello and Teatro delle Palline in Rome.

Muscolino sold his first photographs and intensified his passion for photography even more.

Another essential part in Muscolino’s artistic life is music. Multi-instrumentalist, he composed and arranged various sound tracks, played and recorded them

on his own. Some of those tracks were published on Radio DJ.

Back to Milan in 2007, he created several video spots, e.g. for the fashion companies “Just Cavalli” by Roberto Cavalli and “Blauer”. The ads were broadcasted

nationally and internationally on famous television networks, such as on the most relevant Asian networks.                        Foto Marcello Muscolino

In 2008, Muscolino gets to know the famous top models photographer Marco Glaviano. A long artistic collaboration started allowing Muscolino to reach a great

public with important portrayals of Glaviano.

From that moment on, he participated in numerous art exhibitions, e.g.:

“Great Gala’ dell’Arte”, sponsored by the Lombardy Region, the prestigious center of design “Hotel Art Gallery NHOW” consenting Muscolino to achieve first-page

coverage on Italy’s most important press, and the exhibition “So Buono” in Melbourne.

Muscolino continued to work as photographer and portrayed the famous top model Valeria Mazza. The photos were published in various Italian and Argentinian


In 2010, Muscolino won the “Malibu´ Rum” graphic arts competition.

The winner bottle designed by Muscolino was exposed in “La Triennale Bovisa” in Milan.

The eclectic Muscolino is not interested in closing in on a single method of artistic expression, but in diversifying the vehicles of artistic communication.

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